Wineracking Depot – An 8,000-year-old job with a modern twist

For John Garcia, owner of Wineracking Depot in Brampton, Ontario, it’s all about the layout. “When customers come into the showroom, they always like my layout. That’s why they’re there, to get design ideas fortheir own layout,” he said. Garcia’s 600 square feet showroom profiles, in what can only be described as an orderly eclectic fashion, 19 models of wine racks, coolers, and cabinets.

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Apex Exteriors – If it’s what’s on the inside that counts, the outside should reflect it

There aren’t a lot of business owners who recommend Google reviews to journalists. They’re notoriously unpredictable – the reviews and the reviewers themselves, that is. That’s why I was shocked when Jim Stringham, owner and co-founder of Apex Exteriors in South Beloit, Illinois, turned my attention to a largely unfettered medium to get the goods, so to speak, on his roofing and Insurance Restoration Company.

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