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The Camp was founded 17 years ago, the company, like many others, has grown and shed, lost and won, struggled and prospered but has always remained alert and receptive along its path. Today they work with 21 global brands, 12 national companies, like Spotlight on Business Magazine plus over 300 local Nova Scotian businesses, producing nearly 1000 projects yearly.


We sat down with Tim Kohoot of The Camp to learn more about how this talented group of creative people can help your business and brand achieve greater success by joining the “camp” and have them working for you. 

Tell our readers a little about yourself, Tim and your background? 

TK:  Growing up on a small farm in Manitoba, Canada I have always had the opportunity to roam free and explore. My curiosity of life has introduced me to careers as a photographer in Kansas, a chef in Hawaii, a chiropractor in Africa and a musician in Nova Scotia. I’ve made my home in Halifax for the past 20 years with my wife, three children and a puppy named Callie. 

The Camp was founded 17 years ago, what was the inspiration behind the business? 

TK:  The Camp actually started as a boutique sign shop located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean’s Bedford Basin. Over the years it grew, evolved and transformed into the business it is today. From a young age I always knew that I would run my own company, and even though my career path took many courses, it eventually led back to my true passion for creative communication. I find it inspiring meeting new people and crafting their stories for everyone to hear. 

The element that makes The Camp so special is our team. In addition to exceptional designers and marketing experts, our team is comprised of world travelers, life enthusiasts, learners, and business entrepreneurs. This collection of experience is the inspiration within the business.

What are the products and services that you offer clients?

TK:  Our clients are attracted to us because we offer a holistic approach to business development. Yes, they may come to us to brand their new company or build a website, but what makes us special is that the first thing we do is step back and look at the big picture. We ask the following questions: What makes this company better and different than their competition? What is the best way we can share their story, to the proper target market, using the most cost-effective channels? 

Understanding our clients and their journey allows us to make strategic recommendations from a place of knowledge while providing services such as advertising campaigns, graphic design, business consulting, digital marketing, new product and packaging design, branding, market research, and web design.

Tim, are your services confined to your part of Nova Scotia or does your range extend beyond Halifax and the province?

TK: Today, 99% of our business comes to us via online communication. Face-to-face meetings are fine, but people are often too busy to travel. We’ve embraced this paradigm and have honed our art of ‘electronic’ communication. This has allowed us to successfully reach clients all around the world. 

What motivates you to want to help entrepreneurs and small business grow their businesses and brands? 

TK: My passion to help fellow entrepreneurs arises from the fact that I am also a business owner. I understand and have felt the pains of business failures and also the exhilaration of the successes. I have been exposed to many life learning experiences, acquired specialized industry skills and was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sharing this with others simply makes me happy. I’m addicted to seeing businesses prosper and grow. Small and medium-sized businesses are the engines that drive our country’s economy. When they succeed, everyone benefits.

Is there such a thing as a typical client need? 

TK: There is no such thing as a typical client need, other than their desire to see the best return of their investment with us. The key to success doesn’t solely lie in having a great looking logo or a flashy billboard campaign but in the feeling of getting results: hearing your business phone constantly ringing, seeing your inbox filled with new orders, and knowing your company is growing.

If there was something that your clients have in common, what would it be? 

TK: A commonality I’ve noticed is the strong desire to network with others. Businesses today can not live in silos but need the help and encouragement of their peers. In my opinion, coming in a close second after raising teenagers, running a business is the hardest journey a person can take. We all need a helping hand. It’s great to see an organization like Spotlight on Business Magazine be one of those helping hands.

In addition, all our clients understand the importance of having a powerful online presence. In our professional and personal lives, we use the internet constantly to search, learn and acquire. Allowing us to assist in providing that presence is a key service we offer all our clients.

What would you like to say to entrepreneurs and business owners that do not have or are currently developing a marketing strategy for their business or brand?

TK: In this digital age you really have no choice. There are too many choices and if you don’t stand out you will get lost in the crowd and it’s that simple. Your product or service needs to be remarkable and then you have to use words and images in such a way that communicates that impressiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about The Camp and how Tim can help you with your business’s development, visit They would be more than happy to answer your questions.

By Lee Ann Atwater