The Mesh Media Network – Meshing Together for Greater Success

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Jody Euloth knows how to close business deals by selling authentically and provide a unique experience for clients and their target audiences. She’s a sales trainer and coach, sponsorship and marketing activator, and keynote speaker.  – as well as a writer of a monthly column here at Spotlight on Business.  Jody is every bit a teammate as she is coach – which is fitting as she’s a former AUS Basketball player and Dalhousie alum. Now Jody is the CEO and Founder of The Mesh Media Network, a full-service sales, marketing and PR agency which helps entrepreneurs, businesses and brands ‘Get Noticed, Get Leads, and Close Sales.’  Becoming a part of the Mesh Media Network puts your business in good company alongside – or meshed with – the likes of Nike, DOVE, Bell Media, University of Toronto, Steele Jaguar, Land Rover Halifax, Porsche of Halifax, the Atlantic GOLFExpo, and Atlantic Fashion Week.


So, Jody I know our readers are familiar with the Mesh Media Network from your column, but can you refresh them about when and how it all came together?

The Mesh Media Network was founded a little over three years ago.  I was looking to combine my passions of media and marketing with my skills of teaching and selling. I had done corporate sales for the majority of my career, selling everything you could possibly imagine. I’ve worked for HSBC Bank, Canon Canada, Carnival Cruise Lines – so I have a very strong sales background. And then I had an opportunity to take a position with a print and publishing company where I did media for them for about four years. I really enjoy media and the creativity that comes through experiential marketing and realized there really wasn’t anyone in Atlantic Canada doing partnerships and sponsorships, that kind of work is really a combination of everything I’d done throughout my career to that point. That is how the Mesh Media Network came to life.

It seems like the kind of business where pre-existing connections are vital.

Very much so!  Before Mesh Media, I was in the corporate world for 15 years and every sales position I took-on I was always asked if I was coming into the job with an established network. I always took pride in the business relationships I had in the community – I worked hard to nurture them. I got to a point where I realized that I was using my hard-earned connections to benefit a lot of other people’s businesses. I started to wonder how I could use my skills and network to exercise my own creativity rather being confined and working off someone else’s rule book.

I’d say most successful entrepreneurs make a few career changes along the way, was that the same for you?

Well, I grew up not really knowing what I wanted to be; I wanted to be everything, really. And that, I think, is the power of curiosity. I wanted to be a lawyer; I wanted to be a sports broadcaster; I wanted to be a physiotherapist – and that’s really been my journey, dreaming big. I’ve also had the opportunity of a great education. I grew up in Hilden, Nova Scotia and graduated from CEC [Cobequid Education Centre], I went on to Dalhousie University in Halifax where I graduated with a BA, and from there I went to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario to do my Bachelor of Education. I taught for a couple of years before I realized teaching grade eight just wasn’t a good fit for me straight out of university. I went back to university, to St. Mary’s in Halifax, to take some marketing courses toward my MBA – and to play another year of basketball.  But my career has really benefitted from the amount of industries I’ve been fortunate enough to work in. I wouldn’t have the diverse list of clients in my network that I have now without my background.

Your list of current clients is impressive – and, as you say, diverse. Is there any one thing that connects them in terms of what they’re looking for from you?

They’re all looking for different things. One of the things we do as a company is connect brands with property through partnership or sponsorship – we help to create an experience for the audience. We do everything from marketing strategy and PR to sales training and coaching to experiential marketing, which is one of our main focuses.

Experiential marketing really engages a brand with potential consumers and it evolves the brand by creating a memorable experience. Take, for example, Atlantic Fashion Week. We partnered with Vogue Optical and Halifax Shopping Centre – because fashionable clothes fit perfectly with Atlantic Fashion Week. We created a unique experience for our clients and for the people in attendance who could take a picture with any eye frame for the opportunity to win those frames. Being in sales is easy when everything clicks like that. It’s easy when you are providing a solution to problems and helping your clients generate brand awareness and ultimately increase their bottom line.

What you do clearly goes beyond a keen business sense. You really have to have a genuine sensibility to do what you do.

And I really take pride in that. Connecting with people has always been a passion of mine and one of my strengths. It’s helped me in school and in sport and in my career. I thrive when meshing minds with people and building those relationships. I value having the opportunity to help my clients by providing them with strategies to be more successful in their businesses. They trust me to put them in a position that is most beneficial to them. And my teammates and other experts in my network who I collaborate with are so amazing – I learn so much from each one of them.

How important is your image personally in creating networks like this? I would imagine you would have to do a lot of rubbing elbows.

That’s the fun part, I really enjoy getting to know people. I always compare being in business to playing sports, which is a natural environment for me. You learn how to work best with teammates, how to get the win, how to get the competitive edge and how to learn from your losses.    

Our signature sales training, corporate workshops and keynote presentations are derived from our personal and proven success strategies and experience.  We intimately connect with entrepreneurs and business professionals in either one-on-one or group settings to share our expertise.

I work with a lot of experienced entrepreneurs in creative industries like art and fashion who are amazing talents in their fields, but admittedly, some know little about business and marketing. I’m there to get them out there, to help them with the sales process. I also help entrepreneurs who are asking things like, ‘What do I do when I do get that meeting with the CEO? How do I conduct myself in a meeting? How do I close with confidence? How do I ask for the business without being salesy or coming across pushy?

So in a sense, you’re as much a team player as you are a coach, aren’t you?

I like to think so.  When I first considered entering the world of entrepreneurship, my vision was part isolation. There’s a lot of work that allows you to hide from the world and I get where people are coming from when they say that it just takes a lot of energy to put yourself out there. But I always tell people my experience: When I did finally share my story and my journey, I saw how it actually helped and guided others who were looking for support or inspiration. I’ve been in sports my whole life; I’ve been the captain of the basketball team in high school and at University – leadership was always a natural role for me, so I think taking it into the business world is a natural fit for me.

I know we’ve touched on it, but the scope of what you do is impressive, and your website has it all so wonderfully laid out. Has there been a lot of learning-as-you-go since you’ve launched The Mesh Media Network?

You know, that’s interesting. I’ve probably had to make fewer adjustments than you’d think. I have great business mentors who share their knowledge with me and I’m grateful for that. It was a leap to go out on my own, but I was so fortunate to be able to get top-quality training from the global brands that I worked for. HSBC and Canon, for instance, had top-quality sales training – as you’d expect. I’ve had training with Mary Jane Copps – “The Phone Lady” – who is an expert in the art of selling on the telephone – so really my skillset is pretty rounded. I share the systems and transferrable skills that I’ve had success with. I consider myself an ‘authentic seller.’  If I know I can’t help you in the exact way you need help, if I don’t believe it’s the right fit, I’ll let you know. My mission is to provide solutions for our client’s problems and if I’m confident we can do that for you, we will.

By Lee Ann Atwater