Our mission at Spotlight on Business is to be the voice of small and medium-sized businesses in North America. We are proud to spotlight the businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders in this sector because we understand that SMEs are key to the successful growth of any economy.We offer a fully-interactive media experience for our featured companies and advertisers so your business stays in the spotlight.

To help you connect and stay engaged with your target audience, we have also partnered with Magzter Inc. Magzter is the world’s largest and fastest-growing self-service, cross-platform digital magazine store and newsstand with over 52 million platform readers. This gives you maximum exposure for your brand, product or service to current and potential clients while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.

We share inspiring stories from new start-ups to businesses that have stood the test of time and the people behind their success and spotlight their challenges and successes with our readers.  Having this information at your fingertips gives you the opportunity to learn from and share best practices with some of the top brands and leaders.  This keeps you up to date on the latest trends, innovations and government policies that could affect business and industry giving you a clear view of the entire economic and business landscape.


Spotlight on Business takes the time to understand your business, organization or community, brand message and marketing strategy.  Our goal is simple and the same as yours: to be recognized for being the best in your sector of the industry so you capture the interest of business leaders and potential clients, giving you an opportunity to grow your market.

Building a brand’s exposure rate and engagement with its target audience is most effective when it is done over multiple channels and over a long period of time.  That is why at Spotlight on Business your feature article and advertisements are featured in both our print and digital magazines and on all of our socials.  Magazines and article blogs remain active on our website for a minimum of three years, guaranteeing your brand’s maximum visibility to potential clients. 

You will have the opportunity to work with our talented in-house creative and design team, who can help you create an impact and work with you on other marketing and promotion needs that you might have.  Other publications restrict the client’s use of the custom ads they create, we allow our clients to retain full reproduction rights so you are able to use all marketing material we create for your own marketing and promotional needs.

Please refer to our Media Kit and Terms & Conditions for more information.