Spotlight on Business Magazine’s mission is to be the voice of small and medium-sized businesses in North America. We want to feature businesses and entrepreneurs in this sector because we understand that SMEs are key to the successful growth of the economy and want to spotlight those that are making it all happen.

We offer a fully-interactive media experience so all businesses can communicate with and inspire each other and connect with current and potential customers building a stronger business and brand.

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats and business happens in a technology-based world of smart phones, tablets, iClouds and on-demand information at our fingertips.  We help businesses connect with customers looking for products or services and connect them with featured companies and advertisers that we have spotlighted as being the best in their industry.

We work with you to make it easy for you to stay engaged with other businesses and potential clients while keeping you informed of the latest and upcoming business trends, innovations, political policies and economic issues happening in business and industry, so you can put the spotlight on growing your business and brand.

We share inspiring stories of new start-ups to companies that have been tried and tested over time. We take pride in highlighting their challenges, successes and sharing best practices of some of the best leaders of today and the future leaders of tomorrow.

Building Brands Together

Spotlight on Business Magazine takes the time to understand your business and brand message, so we can better promote the business and brand that you have worked hard to build. We give your brand the exposure it needs because we believe that you have earned it and rightfully deserve to be in the spotlight. Our goal is simple and the same as yours: to be recognized for being the best in your sector of the industry.

By putting a spotlight on your business, organization or community with effective interactive media and advertising, you capture the interest of business leaders and potential clients, giving you an opportunity to promote your brand and grow your market share through mobile, online, video, print and social media exposure.

To help you connect and stay engaged with your customers, we have also partnered with Magzter Inc., which is the world’s largest and fastest-growing self-service, cross-platform digital magazine store and newsstand with over 30-million digital consumers. This gives you maximum exposure for your brand, product or service to potential clients while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.

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