Airline Industry soon to offer travelers a nonbinary gender ticket option

Airlines for America, formerly known as Air Transport Association of America (ATA), is an American trade association and lobbying group that represents the largest U.S. carriers, including American Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines and the International Air Transport Association, which represents most of the world’s airlines which transport more than 90 percent of U.S. airline passengers and cargo traffic recently approved standards for nonbinary passenger identification.

The changes aim to bring airlines in line with nonbinary identification cards so that travelers’ reservations match their IDs. Several states including California and Oregon offer nonbinary options on identification cards and other documents.

United Airlines has also said that that it will soon offer travelers the ability to choose from four options when they book their tickets: male, female, undisclosed and unspecified.

Travelers who do not identify with a gender will be able to use the tile “Mx.”

Other airlines that are not part of the Airlines for America group like, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines along with others are planning on following this needed industry movement and add a nonbinary gender ticket option for travelers to use when booking.

By Jamie Barrie