Amazon strengthens its partnership with VMware with new product offering

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a dominant force in the cloud computing sector, hosting other companies’ technology infrastructure on its massive data centers.  However, it looks like they are also looking to offer services for companies that remain old school and still use and have on-premises data centers.

At the recent VMworld conference in Las Vegas everyone got to see the latest shift in strategy for Amazon when the company along with its tech partner since 2016, VMware announced that they would offer a version of Amazon’s cloud-based database management software to support businesses that are using corporate computing outside its own facilities, even as more businesses move to the cloud, where AWS is the market leader. This strategic move is to spotlight and strengthen AWS’ so-called hybrid-cloud offerings against industry rivals Microsoft, Google and IBM.

The new AWS software Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware should be available in a few months.  It will be designed to make it easier for network administrators to run their databases across more servers, regardless of whether those machines are stored in house or hosted by Amazon and supports popular databases from Microsoft and Oracle, as well as open-source options like MariaDB.

This new technology could pose a threat to Microsoft’s Azure Stack, on-premises software tools that mirror what’s available in the company’s Azure public cloud and could also represent a new challenge for Oracle, which operates its own public cloud.

By Jamie Barrie