Apple turning up the volume on it headphones for 2019

Apple Inc’s audio-device strategy has them working with on the new AirPods that will hit the marketing in 2019.  Apple’s new earbuds will likely cost more than the existing $159 pair and have noise-cancellation capabilities and be water resistance as Apple tries to increase the range that AirPods can work away from an iPhone or iPad and current pain point of this current version.

This is not the only new technology that Apple is working on as it is also said to working on a wireless charging case, the AirPower charger and looking to add biometric sensors to future AirPods, like a heart-rate monitor, to expand its health-related hardware offerings beyond the Apple Watch.

In addition to the earbuds there are also studio-quality over-ear headphones coming from Apple, that will have the world’s largest multinational technology company completing directly with companies like Bose and Sennheiser for market share in this sector. 


By Jamie Barrie