Condor Electric Inc. – Sustain. Innovate. Connect.

Business and homeowners alike are looking at solar panel installation to make their properties more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment while saving hundreds of dollars in the process.  With the vast improvement in technology, solar energy has become more readily available for customers who are looking to make the switch to renewable energy sources like solar panels.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Donnie Dominix to talk about how his passion for nature and energy was the inspiration for Condor Electric and get some insight into Community Based Small Business and Renewable Energy from a leader in the industry.


From humble Halifax beginnings, Donnie Dominix has built his company, Condor Electric Inc., from deep rooted values of trustworthy, quality work, and a commitment to building lasting client relationships. A Red Seal electrician and an avid outdoorsman, a career that began working in commercial electric quickly transitioned into a thriving incorporated company when he combined his passion for nature and energy. Since 2018, Donnie has been providing Halifax and surrounding areas with personalized solar system installations, panel upgrades, heat pump installation, and more. Speaking with Donnie, you see his passion for community based small businesses and for shifting the balance of our Province’s energy usage towards the renewable in order to protect the beauty that we possess within our shores so that future generations are afforded the same experience as we currently have.

Donnie proudly states that, “Condor Electric Inc. stands by three strong business pillars: Sustain, Innovate and Connect.” As a community based small business, the owner and employees of Condor Electric live and play within the communities that they service. From the moment of its creation, Donnie has put the connection and relationship he has with his clients above all else. Because of this, Condor Electric’s clients feel seen, heard, and respected. They know that Condor Electric is not only working for them but with them. They have the confidence that they can connect with and ask questions of Donnie whenever they need to adjust the scope of the work, or they are in need of clarification. His thorough approach ensures his clients are involved in every step of the project. From the first meeting to project planning and completion, Donnie ensures clients understand exactly what will be done through quotes, conversations, and project design documents. He takes a personal approach to every project which is not something that you always see in the trade industry.

Innovative, clean and cutting-edge solutions to your electric problems is another aspect that sets Condor Electric Inc. apart in the industry. Donnie goes on to say, “The team takes the time to get to know you, your family, and the issues you have. They understand that the problems are either deeper, or, more simple than they appear at first glance, and they will work diligently and walk you through several suitable scenarios that will help you arrive at the place you need to be, while doing so in the most innovative way possible.”  There are no cutting corners with Condor Electric Inc. Donnie and the team hold themselves to the highest quality of work, and will ensure that your project is done efficiently, with diligence and care. Clean lines and aesthetics are just as important as the technical aspect of the job. Not only for the here and now, but also for the future – a job done right the first time makes renovation or resale much easier.

There are many alternative and supplementary heating solutions aside from oil and baseboard electric. Condor Electric Inc. can provide you with a full home assessment and prepare a solution that will ensure your home is comfortable, and that you can heat your dwelling as efficiently and cost effective as possible. From Electrical Thermal Storage units, which allow you to take advantage of time-of-day heating rates, to Heat pumps which are over 100% efficient, to Solar arrays which harvest the power of the sun, Condor Electric Inc. has many options and zones of expertise to guide you to the solution that best suits your home and family.

Sustainability is a paramount concern for Condor Electric Inc., both from a provincial energy standpoint, but also from the viewpoint of local small businesses. The company focuses on Solar as a sustainable and renewable source of energy for its customers. Donnie expanded on this by saying, “With the ease of install, limited space needed, and fast return on investment, it is a perfectly simple and streamlined approach for residential and commercial customers to take a step forward into the future of renewable resources.” Donnie added, “Supporting small businesses, such as Condor Electric Inc. keeps money within your community. Whenever possible, Condor Electric Inc. supports other small businesses within its business and personal transactions. By supporting each other, we keep our small businesses and communities alive and well.”

Statistics from 2018 show that provincially Nova Scotia generates over 60% of its electrical from Coal. It is well known that the by-products from coal power generation range from asthma to acid rain and global warming. Each of these factors creates a whole realm of secondary impacts. Donnie points out that you can trace the impact of coal to many areas of the health, economic and environmental sectors. He goes on to say, “It is overwhelming, at times, to absorb these statistics and think about how huge the problems are, and that you are only one person. Where do you begin to create change? Nova Scotia has been at the leading edge of such global movements as recycling, but we have lagged behind the world in moving forward with renewable energy sources.”

It is important to remember that as an individual, you have the power to invest in your future through solar energy. Not only can you help break the cycle of primary and secondary effects of unsustainable energy production, but you invest in a system that will put money back in your pocket, thus protecting you and your family’s financial future. Globally solar holds a small percentage of the share in energy production, but many countries, and even towns, are taking a stand and putting the systems in place to shift to a grid powered by renewable resources. As Donnie says, “We want Nova Scotia to become a leader of the movement in Canada. Solar is the future.”

Condor Electric Inc. feels passionately that they can create change in Nova Scotia and shift the balance from Coal to Solar. A personal and professional design curated to your home’s orientation, roof design and energy needs, can quickly and easily offset your reliance on the main grid energy produced by the province. Condor Electric Inc. sources industry leading technology and products and works closely with German engineers and solar design software to ensure the system you receive is of the highest quality and will provide you with lasting production.

Because of the benefits and return on investment that Condor Electric Inc. has seen in its residential applications, Donnie has a vision to expand into the commercial and agricultural sectors to help other small businesses move towards sustainable energy generation and reduce fixed costs. Consumers will appreciate buying local products that have been produced using the sun. How wonderful for agricultural products to be produced using the power of the sun from seed to sale.

Donnie ended our conversation with a question for our readers, “Are you ready to take a step forward and be on the leading edge of the renewable energy revolution in the province and work with a company that values you and your needs?”  If your answer is, yes, then Condor Electric Inc. is ready to connect you with the best solution for your personal or business needs. They will outline a plan that makes sense for you in the short and long term. When it’s time to Rise Above the Status Quo, do so with Condor Electric Inc. Donnie and the team are ready to take your call. They are here to Sustain, Innovate and Connect, but most of all, they look forward to meeting with you soon.


by Ryan Myson