Design of the Times – Getting that sold sign on the front lawn isn’t as easy as you may think!

I am no realtor, but from my dealings with the best in the business, I’ve learned a few important facts about listing your home. As a home stager, I work closely with realtors right from the moment the listing agreement is signed. We discuss each home as if it’s the only one on the books. We figure out how to best approach the owners when they have an overflow of items close to their hearts, or the homeowners that are not onboard the real estate train because the only reason they’re selling is due to a change in family circumstances. No matter the reason, and despite the situation, the bottom line remains the same: the house must sell and there should be a team of professionals to help you with that process.

In theory, selling a home sounds simple. Depending on the market situation, the reality is that it can be anything

but that. There are a lot of working parts that need to mesh in order to get that sold sign on the front lawn.

Before I add my expertise on home staging, I have to share the most important step you can take to get your house sold: find a fantastic realtor. Do your research, look at their stats, interview, interview, interview! Find a realtor who listens to what you have to say, wants to keep you informed, but most importantly one who explains how important it is for you to listen to them. The great ones know the real estate market inside out. They’ll research your market, your competition, and find the perfect price to sell your home in a timely manner. They are professionals.

A great realtor has a great team which may include a professional photographer, a mortgage broker, a lawyer, and a home stager. This team is all working toward the same goal – to sell your house for the highest dollar value in the least amount of time on the market.

This is where I come in. Home staging can be a critical part of a smooth, quick transaction. Hiring a professional to stage your vacant home or complete an occupied home, staging consult will put your house at the top of the list for potential buyers. Vacant or occupied, you have the power to control how your house is portrayed to potential buyers. Please join me on a journey down the home staging road!

Let’s have a look at how staging can improve your ability to sell your home efficiently and get the most out of your investment.



Make a statement! Real estate photos are a buyer’s and agent’s first glimpse at your home. A staged house, stellar photos, and a large, captivated MLS audience can be the perfect mix to create the buzz needed for a quick sale. By showcasing your home, you set the stage for your realtor to do their thing! The hard work is done. All that’s left is quick fixes for viewings. Clearing your countertops, doing your dishes, and sprinkling some fairy dust on your interior before each viewing.


Without being there to walk them through it, show buyers why they should make an offer! Staging is an unbiased way to market your home. It makes it easy for buyers to see the maximum potential of a house. It helps them picture themselves and their belongings in the space. Staging is minimal yet bold; everything looks perfect and in its place. By staging your home, you are making buyers focus on what’s for sale, instead of being preoccupied with the ‘stuff’ in the home.


Staging creates a welcoming environment for buyers. When people are looking for a house to buy, they, along with their realtors, are in the trenches. They’re going from viewing to viewing and seeing it all. Cold vacant houses where they can hear their own echo and can’t wait to get back in the warm car. Cluttered, busy houses with dishes in the sink and a dirty kitty litter box in the rec room.

Staged homes are different. They can act as a breath of fresh air to buyers. There is something to be said about that feeling buyers are left with after a viewing. It can give them butterflies, creating excitement for the future, or it can give them cold shivers and make them want to forget that moment in time. If it’s great, it’s hard to let go of that. A home purchase is a dash of practicality and a heap of emotion. If it works and warms your heart, the signature is on the dotted line.


No matter the size of your house, buyers want to see the actual/practical space available. Now, you’d assume a vacant home would do the trick, but that is not the case for many buyers. People can find it difficult to picture the layout and size of a vacant home. Rooms appear smaller when empty, so staging will work to your advantage and show buyers the actual size, optimal furniture layout and best use of space.


Whether it’s an occupied home consult or a vacant home staging, you are further committing to sell your house when you take this step. So often we hear “I’m going to list my house and see how it goes.” This is a mindset for failure. If you shift that mindset to “I’m selling my house and moving!” you give yourself the confidence and the push to start packing up, decluttering, and working hard to get ahead of the game. I always tell my occupied home staging clients that they’re selling their house and moving so they need to get these things packed up anyway. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only prep their house for the real estate market, but also get a jump on being organized, packing up, and starting on the big move. You need a winner’s mindset to win.

‘Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments’ (Heidi Reeder)

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by Megan Callahan