Epic Eateries & Sweeteries – Amazing BBQ found in places known for Jiggs Dinner, Lobster and Chowder!!!

As we comb thru the hundreds of tasty barb-be-que joint recommendations that are coming our way from readers across North America for our upcoming Epic BBQ Joints Project coming up in August.  Three particular BBQ places stood out from the crowd as all are located on the East Coast typically famous for Jiggs Dinner, Lobster and Chowder not amazing BBQ, but that has not stopped them from becoming ultimate smoke and pit masters.

Our first unlikely candidate for Epic BBQ Joints of North America is found in Canada in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador known for Fish and Brewis, Toutons and Jiggs Dinner.  Located in Labrador City is Baba Q’s Smoke and Grill, the first authentic smokehouse in the province.  They use traditional methods of smoking meat by using their own in-house dry rubs which is made with 13 herbs and spices and their very own Baba Q’s BBQ sauce which is bourbon based and absolutely delicious.

Their Pork shoulders and Brisket are smoked for 12 and 15 hours over Maple wood.  Slow and low until it is ready for their pulled pork, brisket meals and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. 

To give customers a variety they also use other flavours of wood like Cherry wood, Applewood, and Hickory for the rest of smoking.

This cozy restaurant is a hit with all their guests, offering a rugged and rustic atmosphere that when customers come, they want to stay and enjoy.  This summer they will be celebrating their third year in business, but don’t let that fool you as Chris Sirabian has been mastering his Pit Master status for decades for friends and family, who encouraged he and Denise to open the restaurant and we thank them for it.

Baba Q’s Smoke and Grill is a family owned and operated restaurant that is focused not only on their food, but also giving the utmost dining experience to our customers.  So, if you are ever in the Labrador City, NL area please stop by and say hello to the Baba Q’s Family and try some of their outstanding BBQ.  Remember to tell them we sent you.


Our next unlikely candidate is from the harbour city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia is historically known for having some of the best seafood in the world however, Cindy Wheatley and her team at Boneheads BBQ are changing that one brisket at a time.

Often referred to as ‘Halifax’s hidden gem,’ Boneheads BBQ has customers feeling like they have been transported to the southern region of the United States where barbeque connoisseurs embrace their passion for this form of cooking that features a distinctive smoky tasting meat and have their taste buds delighted with authentic, mouth-watering flavours of Southern style BBQ.  

Cindy might be a Nova Scotia girl, but she is also a certified judge of Kansas City barbeque and her love of barbeque stems from road trips she took with her mother when she was growing up where she says she quickly became fascinated by the world of barbeque. In fact, she still has the backyard oil drum smoker that she purchased years ago when her interest was first peaked.

Boneheads is committed to cooking in true, authentic Southern barbeque style.  Their secret is cooking with nice hardwood, at low heat, with “a whole lotta patience.” Cindy shared with us that, “Proper smokehouse bar-b-que is a slow process, this style of cooking demands up to a full day of cooking to produce meat that is moist, tender and full of smoky flavour.” Trust us this BBQ delivers and then some.

Cindy tells us that while her business is thriving that, “It took a while for customers to embrace the concept of Southern barbeque-style counter service. Customer’s associated counter service with fast food and the expectation of cheap food, no one expected they would be served some of the best BBQ in Canada.”  

Whether it is Bonehead’s best-selling pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked chicken or any of their delicious sides, you will not be disappointed by whatever you select, but don’t take our word for it try it for yourself the next time that you are in Halifax.


Our third and final unlikely candidate in our search for the best barb-be-que in North America comes from New England in the town from Sturbridge, Massachusetts, which is known costumed historians, antique buildings, water-powered mills, a working farm, and an outstanding roadside BBQ Joint called B.T.’s Smokehouse.   B.T.’s was founded in 2007 by Brian Treitman and has been named the #1 BBQ joint in New England. 

We know what you are saying New England is known for it’s seafood and chowders not BBQ, well the team at B.T.’s Smokehouse will get you questioning that.   B.T.’s Smokehouse pay homage to the regional BBQ joints that scatter the southern states. Wherever you are from you have your favorite BBQ joint. In most places BBQ is at least as important as religion if not more so. BBQ is not just firing up the grill and slappin’ on a steak, it is a culture, a way of life. 

B.T.’s Smokehouse brings that experience to New England. They proudly serve fine quality natural meats that have been dry rubbed and slow smoked for up to 24 hours with local cherry and hickory woods.  

From their humble beginnings in serving food out of their roadside trailer, to their current restaurant spaces; their passion and love for food is something they hope you will feel and taste in every bite of our food. The smile on their customer’s faces and silent tables with the occasional moan and sounds of smacking lips, are the reasons why they do what they do.

Brisket is what they have become famous for, and their brisket rueben is probably one of the best sandwiches you will ever put in your mouth.  

In the words of Brian himself, “I try to cook my BBQ the way you think BBQ should taste. When you think about a pork rib, in your mind it is tender, succulent, ready to fall off the bone with a little smoke and glazed with a flavorful, spiced, sweet sauce. You want to lick your fingers – no need for a napkin. You want to dip the bone into the drippings that are left and then suck it dry. That’s the way I try to cook.” Who are we to argue? Sounds and tastes like he knows what he is doing.

It just doesn’t get any better than these three amazing BBQ joints and it just goes to show you that the Northeast U.S. and Canada’s Atlantic coast are more than just a great place for seafood.  This is just a sampler of what is to come, as next issue we will feature our top barb-be-que joint recommendations submitted by you the readers from all across North America.


by Lee Ann Atwater