Grow your business with Social Media! – You don’t HAVE to do Live Video

Has anyone ever told you that you HAVE to do live video? Unfortunately, I’ve been hearing snippets of conversations and comments in Facebook groups that entrepreneurs feel like they have to go live.  And what happens when you feel pressured? Well, your videos aren’t going to be any good.  Sorry but in most cases unless you get very lucky it is a fact.

Look, I love live video, and I really do believe that it can benefit the majority of entrepreneurs, especially service-based entrepreneurs. But Live Video isn’t a magic pill. Hitting the live button isn’t going to magically make money rain down on you like a 70’s game show money booth. You need to know why you are going live and be prepared when you do so.

Here are my top favourite things about live video:

IT’S EASY (Compared to other types of content)!

I first started getting into this world of online marketing, I played around with all types of content.

This included things like edited video. And if you’ve ever edited a video, you know that it can be tedious. Not to mention that you end up taking 25 takes and then realize: oops I’ve done nothing all day except get way too much footage of this one thing.

I’ve also created infographics, which was kind of fun, but again, a lot of work, working with visuals which I am not great at, and most people are not.  I’ve also created written blogs which are still a lot of work to create, edit, post, and people really only SKIM THEM.

With live video it can be relatively easy. You click live and go. HOWEVER, you do want to plan out what you are going to say before that – the idea of live videos being impromptu is a myth.


Interaction is the absolute main benefit of live video, and one that a lot of marketers tend to forget. They go live for promotional reasons, algorithms, etc. But the power of live video is that you can interact with your audience, IN REAL TIME. That is powerful, because its as close as you can get to in person interaction (at this moment in the space time continuum).

Here’s the thing. I live in rural Nova Scotia. When you think of Nova Scotia, you think rural, add a few dozen more cows, 200 more fishing boats, and 8 million more trees, and that is where I live. The point here is, I really don’t get to interact with like minded people a lot. That makes it a huge benefit for me.

Interaction and engagement with your audience is great for lots of reasons including building relationships, taking future customers from cold leads to warm leads, learning from your audience (what they struggle with, want to know, and more).

And well, hey, engagement helps you in terms of the algorithm, which is never a bad thing. But it can’t be your only reason for doing things.


I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but doing a weekly live video exponentially grew my business and changed it for the better.

Part of that is a natural outcome of the fact that when I started doing lives was around the time that I pivoted and went all in with social media. But it’s not only that.

Going live weekly had gotten me tons of exposure, the opportunity to connect and engage with people that I never would have otherwise – both clients, influencers, and colleagues.

Live video has given me a voice and a platform. It’s the foundation that I’ve built my business on that has allowed me to leverage that into speaking opportunities, clients across North America, connections across the world, and so much more.

I do a live video every single week with few exceptions. This is partly habit at this point. But sometimes I wonder – why would I NOT go live. It’s the perfect opportunity to share value, increase my visibility and connect with my audience. Isn’t that what we all want?

So, no. You don’t HAVE to go live. But why wouldn’t you want to?

By Denise Alison

Denise Alison is the CEO & Founder of Stratigro which empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to build relationships and connect with their potential customers on social media and through live video.

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