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You do not have to speak to Eric Murphy, President of Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical long to understand that he goes all in for everything he does in life, personally and professionally. Murphy shares how a family health adversity led to him scaling his business into a well-respected full-service heat pump and electrical business with a strong reputation for providing customer service and quality of work for both residential and commercial projects.  


It is always interesting how things, regardless of how well they are planned, never go as we thought they would as we make our way in the world.  Our journey takes us in different directions and paths to get to where we belong professionally and personally.  When Murphy, a 43-year-old entrepreneur, husband, and father of three, began his journey he was in university taking business.  It was during a time when the world was in a panic over the upcoming Y2K. Everyone was thinking the world as we knew it was going to come to an end, so he decided to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.  Well Y2K came and went with little hoopla and the industry became flooded with specialists.  So, what does Murphy do, he changes his professional path and trained to become an electrician in 2002.

Once Murphy graduated, he started an electrical company with his brother-in-law and another partner doing electrical work for about three years.  It was at this time that Murphy decided to change his path and go out on his own, starting his own electrical business about 12 years ago.  It was around this same time that his wife, Tracey went into kidney failure and needed a transplant.      

When I opened my own electrical company, we did heat pumps separately, just to test out the heat pump market.”  Because of his experience in other industries, Murphy wanted to be cautious, but he was seeing that there was a trend happening and he wanted to get into that market.  “Unfortunately, at the time there was a stigma against electricians doing heat pumps,” said Murphy.  So, he did heat pump installs under a separate business with a different name.  After about two years, things were going well, and the decision was made to combine the two businesses and rebrand under the name Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical in 2016.

At the time of the rebrand, there was Murphy and two technicians. Today Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical and their sister company currently have twenty employees with twelve vehicles and four support staff combined. “With my wife’s health issues it was hard to scale the business and look after things at home as she was recovering from 12 major surgeries and having daily dialysis because of her illness,” said Murphy.  For some, they would have lost focus, but not Murphy as he was more determined than ever to push forward through it all and grow the company, even with the added pressure of the pandemic.  

Murphy was also laser-focused on his wife’s health.  Being an advocate for Tracey as the couple dealt with the complications of her failed kidney transplant twelve years ago and the daily dialysis and medical issues that followed.  Through this advocacy, the Murphy’s were able to work with another doctor and after many tests, it was uncovered that Eric would be able to donate one of his kidneys to his wife, Tracey which happened nine weeks before we did the interview.  Murphy was elated when he told us, “Since the surgery, Tracey has been off dialysis and her levels have been perfect, she has been on minimal medications and so far, it has been a great success.”  This is amazing news for the Murphy family.

The motivation for the growth and transition of the brand was driven by my wife’s illness,” said Murphy.  He goes on to say, “Before it was just Eric Murphy Electrical, and there was no way that I could step away for two hours, let alone two months. So that was a big driver for us to grow the company to a point where I had an office manager, and a foreman so the company could operate without me being there.”  Investing his energy, time and money into the infrastructure of the business so that he would be able to step away from the business and have the transplant surgery so Tracey could have his kidney and get back on the road to recovery.

Not only did Murphy build a business that he could step away from, he built one with a solid reputation in the industry, “I have always been a real hard worker, my dad always said to me growing up, ‘You know, if you are going to do something do it right, and if you didn’t do it right the first time, make sure it is right, and people will respect your efforts and results.” That is the motto for the business and the team at Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical makes it part of the process that goes into every job and project they work on.  It is because of that the company has built a solid reputation for using quality products, like LG, and providing excellent customer service and exceptional work with every project and has Google reviews to prove it.  Murphy says, “It is all about how you treat people.  If you treat your employees, genuinely good, then they will do the same for your customers, we are all one team with one goal.”

When we asked Murphy what is meant by ‘Full Service’ as it seems like a term gets thrown around a lot in the industry.  Murphy was very direct with his answer, “We are a full-service electrical company. We have certified technicians and staff that are experts in their fields, and they will design and develop a solution that is custom to our customer’s needs.  Heat pumps and electrical go hand in hand, you need both for every installation, and other companies might sell the heat pump but sub out the electrical, but we do both and a lot more.  Because of our sister company Skyline Construction, we have plumbers, carpenters, and drywallers available that are part of our staff.  So, the customer knows they will receive the same quality of service that one would expect when working with Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical because there are Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical.

When Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical say full-service electrical, they mean it.  It is not just an electrician that hooks up your heat pump or does some wiring.  They offer full generator systems, service upgrades, new home and renovation construction wiring, underground services, and automatic transfer generators to meet all your residential electrical needs in-house.  

Murphy has always been interested in technology, so when some electricians and companies shy away from new technologies and sub most of that work out, Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical capitalized on the opportunity to work with it.  They embrace technology and understand automatic transfer switch generators and other smart home technology that today’s homeowner is looking for operating lights to controlling thermostats or automated blinds from their phone.  They also keep their eye on innovation and developing trends so they trained in these new products, like the growing demand for EV Charger installations or Tesla Wall Packs for on-grid storage backup.  

Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical does not offer solar solutions in-house, but they have partnered with a few companies that offer amazing solar solutions to meet the customer’s residential or commercial needs.

Speaking of commercial needs, Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical also offer commercial work and full-service HVAC solutions including central furnaces and full maintenance programs making them a truly full-service electric and HVAC company.

Because Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical continue to grow, they are always looking for good people and they are not just looking to hire electricians they are looking for outgoing people who believe in going above and beyond to give their customers extraordinary customer service because that is what the brand has been built on.  But we do not want you to think that it is all work and no play at HHP.  We’re at work more than we are at home, so my goal was to create a work environment that is fun and where you enjoy your job, plus be rewarding at the same time,” said Murphy. As they say, ‘If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customers.’  Murphy continues, “We work hard together, but we also play together.  We have Christmas parties, BBQ’s and games nights, as we continue to grow these become at little harder to organize but that is a small price to pay to keep your work family happy.”

When we asked Murphy why a customer should choose Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical, his answer was direct and simple, “The customer experience and superior products.”  At HHP they do not just show up to do the installation and leave.  When they are contacted by the client, they take the time to understand their needs now and possible needs for the future.  They take the time to put together a solution for the customer and explain what is going to happen and set the expectations for when the job is completed.  Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical makes sure they communicate with the client every step of the way and make sure the client is comfortable with how the system works. They explain the maintenance package and make sure the customer has all the information they need and have answered any questions. But do not worry, if you have any questions after the technician leaves you can reach one of their experienced and knowledgeable local staff, who will be more than happy to help you out.

Murphy and Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical have some of the same challenges today as everybody else in the industry.  Limited product supply issues and pricing increases caused by demand for products.  Then with growth comes the need for additional technical staff.  “We are lucky that we’ve built a really good team. And we’ve built a good client database,” said Murphy. 

Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical is a family-owned and operated company that strives to keep things simple for all of its customers by providing turn-key solutions from start to finish.

Working with Halifax Heat Pumps & Electrical means you can be certain you’ve hired a team of professionals who have a reputation for providing solutions that fit their needs, using the highest quality, warranty-backed products, installed by certified technicians with excellent workmanship.

by Ryan Myson