In the spotlight – Janice Buckler – Founder and Owner of Natural Legends Nutritional Consulting

When it came to the daily, pounding headaches Buckler felt defeated.  Despite numerous methods and hopes for a cure, the pain continued.  The single mom of three, didn’t know what to do, until a holistic healer found her a permanent solution.

“Many years ago, I had headaches everyday to the point it made me sick to my stomach and I was living on Tylenol. It got to the point where it didn’t do anything,” she said.

“I had blood work done to check my hormone levels, I had my eyes tested, and had a CT scan done.  The results all came back “normal.”  It wasn’t until a friend referred me to a natural practitioner, who had similar equipment to what I have now, that I finally found relief.  It was she who determined I had a sensitivity to the proteins in cow’s milk. I stopped drinking it and I was immediately pain-free.”

That changed Buckler’s perspective on conventional medicine and got her thinking about another route, which would eventually lead her to her own business: Natural Legends Nutritional Consulting.

“I became very much drawn to natural methods for healthcare.  I acquired my BSc in chemistry because I was always interested in food chemistry, and these things all fit together,” she said.

She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2001, and she’s had the name “Natural Legends Nutritional Consulting” registered for years.  “There was a time I didn’t feel ready to go out on my own, but now it feels so good to be my own boss,” she said.

“I started my own business four years ago as I went through the self-employment benefits program and now have the equipment to do BioScans.”

She can see inflammation in organs, glands, and bodily systems and works on acupoints on the hands and feet to do so.  “I get a snapshot of my client’s health and what needs to be addressed first is prioritized,” she said.  “My equipment also helps me find natural remedies for people, which is very specific to the individual because each of us is different.  What works for one person doesn’t always necessarily work for another,” she said.

“My nutritional scan helps me check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, along with essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive enzymes and hormonal imbalances. I also check for parasites and other issues with microflora in the gut. I can, as well, test for food and environmental sensitivities for people.”

She began working out of her house when she first started, but things quickly changed.  “One of my clients had connections with the Business Centre in Tatamagouche, N.S.,” she said.  “I got a spot up there, and I’ve been there for over three years now.”

Buckler, now a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant Professional, sets her own hours, which gives her lots of time for family.  But don’t get us wrong she is dedicated to her business and takes great pride in helping clients change their lives.  “People have told me I’ve made them feel human again.  It’s truly fulfilling and I’m glad to be able to do that,” she said.

“I’m very grateful I had access to getting proper training and the equipment that I have to do

this. I think doctors and dentists could also use this equipment if they learn more about it.”

The equipment, as mentioned previously, looks for area of weakness or inflammation within bodily systems, organs and glands.  It looks at nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, parasites, food and environmental sensitivities.

“Clients are blown away with what shows up at the end of the session and they love seeing how I can find remedies to regain balance. They get their report on the spot.  They don’t have to wait for anything, and they don’t have to travel to the city to get this service, and I’m happy to provide it to the people around here,” said Buckler.

Bucker continues to expand her offerings to new and existing clients and use innovative health platforms like the PureGenomics software platform, which allows Buckler to look deeply into a client’s genetics and see how it plays a role in health.

“This allows me to offer nutritional support for detoxification, weight loss, glucose metabolism, vitamin & minerals, cognitive health & memory, immunity, energy & fitness, cardiovascular health, among other things,” she said.

Not from there area, well that is okay as Buckler also offers “distance counselling/recommendations” via online symptomology health questionnaires for people who would like to use her service but do not live in the area.  “It is very accurate as well and is good for people who can’t make it in or who live far away; however, my equipment can dig much deeper,” she said.

With everything Buckler has going on, she is excited about the future for Natural Legends. “I think things are looking really good. I’m making new contacts all the time.”

Buckler asks people to take a chance, come in, and give her methods a try. “People who aren’t satisfied with conventional medicine might want to give this a shot as an alternative,” she said.

“The work I do is specific to the individual, as opposed to a one-size-fits all model. These are good tools to have to give people a current snapshot of their health so they can move forward on their journey to optimal health.  People are getting results and they are regaining their vitality, and that is so very important.”


by Jordan Parker