Luxury car owners looking to go big

As the automobile industry continues to see the trend of buyers who are opting out of luxury sedans and coupes and replacing them with pickups and SUVs, Detroit’s Big Three truck makers; General Motors, Ford and Dodge are struggling to keep up with demand for their new pickups, especially the higher-priced models being offered between $70,000 to $100,000.

Trucks have traditionally been the sort of vehicles you would expect to be purchased by farmers or construction companies for use on the farm or work site.  That is not the case anymore as demand has been surging among regular buyers who are opting out of sedans and coupes and replacing their family vehicles with pickups and SUVs.

Don’t think that they are looking to lower their vehicle payments either as the largest demand is for the high-end models, with former luxury car buyers looking to fork out between $70,000 to $100,000 for their daily driver.

Don’t think that buyers are cutting back on features or luxury either as these high-end pickup models have it all with features like:

  • High-end audio systems, In-vehicle WiFi and USB ports
  • Premium leather and real wood finishes
  • Active cruise control and Navigation Systems
  • Blind spot detection and Automatic emergency braking
  • Multi-zone climate system with heated and cooled front seats and even the heated rear seats.
  • Touchscreen Technology

Although the luxury truck market is still a relatively new phenomenon and whether the segment will continue to grow is far from certain as industry analysts and planners alike continue to debate if this is just a fad or a long-term shift, though the latter is looking more likely.

And while Detroit automakers have clearly taken the phenomenon to new levels, their success has not gone unnoticed as their import rivals are now trying to capitalize on the industry trend, with new offerings of their pickup lines, which mean more models and options for buyers.

By Jamie Barrie