Revelstoke “Revy” Beer Festival – Midpoint on the Mountain!

A thirst for adventure is what makes Revelstoke, British Columbia a bucket list destination for skiers, mountaineers, hikers, and explorers alike, but again this April a different thirst was pulling people to this scenic city as craft beer and spirits enthusiasts made their way to the amazing Revelstoke Mountain Resort for the second Revelstoke Beer Festival hosted by Alberta Beer Festival Inc. at the midpoint of one of the greatest ski hills in North America as part of the second segment of our 6 part Craft Brewing and Distilling Series.


The only thing better than an incredible beer festival is an incredible beer festival held at the midpoint of one of the greatest ski hills in North America at the mid-mountain lodge of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, where you have the option of either riding the Revelation Gondola up to the festival or, if you are a craft beer and spirits enthusiasts that like to hit the hills, you could ski or snowboard right up to the door. 

Revelstoke was once one of the largest and most prominent communities in the interior of the province, mostly due to its importance as a railway center. Steamboat traffic from the south connected with the Canadian Pacific Railway making this an important transportation center.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is just north of the town. The Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a major ski resort on Mount MacKenzie that started construction in late 2005, and first opened during the 2007-2008 ski season and has been welcoming winter and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world ever since.

So, what’s better than a ski trip out to Revelstoke? How about a ski trip to Revelstoke when a craft beer and spirits festival happening on the mountain? Well, that is what recently happened on April 5th and 6th, as craft beer and spirits enthusiasts headed to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort for Alberta Beer Festival Inc.’s sophomore year of the Revelstoke Beer Festival.  Affectionally called the Revy Beer Festival, that was recently held for two days, with three ticketed event options, one evening session on Friday and two sessions, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening, on Saturday.  Each ticket included a gondola ride to the mid-mountain lodge of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, where you’d be hard-pressed to find a more stunning view than the one, you’ll get from the deck of the valley below. You might be coming for the beer – but we recommend that in between sampling some of the best craft beer and spirits from the amazing selection of breweries, distilleries, meaderies, and RTDs (Ready to Drink) you take some time to visit the deck to take in the majestic views. 

ABF Inc’s Revy Beer Festival will have a wide selection of amazing breweries, distilleries, meaderies and RTDs (Ready to Drink beverages) for you to sample like Banded Peak Brewing, a craft brewery located in Calgary, Alberta plus Cold Garden Beverage Company, a microbrewery crafting great beer, and, and even better vibes from the historic Calgary neighborhood of Inglewood, Alberta. Plus Revelstoke’s very own award-winning craft brewery Mt. Begbie Brewing Co which have all been featured in Spotlight on Business Magazine along with Alberta Beer Festival Inc.

If you missed Revy, we recommend that you get it on your list for next year to experience two amazing days of sampling a fantastic selection of craft beverages and food prepared by the incredible chefs at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Plus, there is entertainment and so much more to enjoy at the festival as well – the vibe and the venue are absolutely incredible!

There are also shuttles from town out to the festival, but an even better option would be to take advantage of the great rates Revelstoke Mountain Resort is offering to stay up on the hill and check out one of the Full Experience Packages and celebrate the end of winter in style with spring skiing, and beer festival on the mountain, at one of the world’s most beautiful resort towns.  Just imagine hitting some of the best slopes in North America, then jumping on the gondola up to the mid-mountain lodge for an epic festival experience where you will have the opportunity to sample an incredible selection of craft beers and spirits, but you’ll also enjoy incredible mountain views and an unbelievable mountain vibe that you will soon not forget.

by Ryan Myson