Revelstoke’s First Beer Festival – Everything’s better in the Mountains!

Revelstoke has its roots as a railway town. Rail, forestry and natural resources were the industries that built and sustained the town for more than 100 years.  Now a thirst for adventure is what makes Revelstoke, British Columbia a bucket list destination for skiers, mountaineers, hikers and explorers alike.  But this March you will see a different thirst pulling people to this scenic city as craft beer and spirts enthusiasts make their way to Revelstoke’s First Beer Festival hosted by Alberta Beer Festival Inc at the amazing Revelstoke Mountain Resort.


Revelstoke is a city in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, situated on the banks of the Columbia River which is located 641 kilometres (398 mi) east of Vancouver, and 415 kilometres (258 mi) west of Calgary, Alberta, with a population of just over eight thousand people.  The city was founded in the 1880s when the Canadian Pacific Railway was built through the area.  

Revelstoke was once one of the largest and most prominent communities in the interior of the province, mostly due to its importance as a railway centre. Steamboat traffic from the south connected with the Canadian Pacific Railway making this an important transportation center.

A thirst for adventure has also characterized Revelstoke from its early beginnings. Norwegian immigrants brought skiing and ski jumping to Revelstoke, and by the 1910s, several ski jumping hills had been built around town with the Revelstoke Ski Club being the oldest ski club in British Columbia. 

The construction of the Trans-Canada Highway in 1962 created greater access to the region, it was around this same time that a ski hill first appeared on Mount Mackenzie, where Revelstoke Mountain Resort is now located. Since then, tourism has been an important feature of the local economy, with skiing having emerged as the most prominent attraction but Revelstoke continues to be a hub for winter and outdoors sports of all kinds.

Revelstoke is not only the home of natural wonders it is also home to a engineering marvel know as the Revelstoke Dam or Revelstoke Canyon Dam, which is a hydroelectric dam (combined earth fill and gravity dam) spanning the Columbia River, 5 km (3.1 mi) north of Revelstoke.  The construction of this sustainable energy powerhouse started in 1978 as it was completed in 1984.  It is operated by BC Hydro and is one of the largest generators of power in British Columbia.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is just north of the town. The Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a major ski resort on Mount MacKenzie that started construction in late 2005, and first opened during the 2007-2008 ski season and has been welcoming winter enthusiast from all over the world ever since.

So, what’s better than a ski trip out to Revelstoke? How about a ski trip to Revelstoke when a craft beer and spirits festival happening on the mountain! This March 31st and April 1st people will be heading to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort for the first ever Revelstoke Beer Festival, which is Alberta Beer Festival Inc’s newest signature event.  The Revy Beer Festival as it is being affectionally called, will be held over the course of two days, with three ticketed event options, one on Friday and two on Saturday.  With each ticket will get you a gondola ride to midmountain, where you’d be hard pressed to find a more stunning view than the one, you’ll get from the deck of the valley below. You might be coming for the festival – but make sure you take some time to visit the deck to take in the majestic views. You of course get entry to the event at the Revelation Lodge, and a commemorative sample mug. 

Alberta Beer Festival Inc strives to have a positive impact on the industries that they represent while supporting local charities and communities on their mission to provide the ultimate beer and spirit experience for brewers, distillers, and most importantly, festival goers.  Each of ABF’s five, we wrote that correctly, five signature events provide a forum for breweries and distilleries to share their stories, passions, and products with the craft beer and spirts enthusiasts of Western Canada.  Bill Robinson, President of AFB, told us that, “when we started hosting events you could count the number of craft brewers and distillers on both hands,” now thanks to the exposure that these events give brewers and distillers, hundreds are now part of the industry and most of these can be sampled by attending one of ABF’s signature events throughout the year in Banff, Jasper, Edmonton and Calgary where they hosted their first festival and of course Revelstoke the home of their newest signature event. “We’ve come a long way. When we started this, no one had the idea of trying beer festivals. But when people came out, they loved it,” said Robinson.

ABF’s Revy Beer Festival will have a wide selection of amazing breweries, distilleries, meaderies and RTDs (Ready to Drink beverages) for you to sample like Blindman Brewing, a craft brewery located in the small city of Lacombe, just a hop-and- a-skip north of Red Deer, Alberta and Banded Peak Brewing, a craft brewery located in Calgary, Alberta along with Revelstoke’s very own award winning craft brewery Mt. Begbie Brewing Co which all have been featured in Spotlight on Business Magazine along with Alberta Beer Festival Inc.

There will also be a fantastic selection of food to sample – prepared by the incredible chefs at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. There will be entertainment and so much more to enjoy at the festival as well – the vibe will be incredible!

ABF’s Revy Beer Festival offer three sample events over the two days.  Your ticket will get you a trip on the gondola to midmountain, entry to the event at the Revelation Lodge, and a commemorative sample mug.   



6:00 PM – 10:00 PM Friday night’s evening session will begin after Revelstoke Mountain Resort operations have closed for the evening. You will be transported from the base of the mountain to Revelation Lodge for an evening of beer tasting and snacks. Your ticket includes entry to the festival and a commemorative sample mug.



12:00 PM – 4:00 PM | The afternoon session is great for those looking to also take a seat on the patio and enjoy the sun. Event tickets do not include ski lift passes, meaning you will need a separate lift pass to allow skis/snowboards on the gondola with you. Please keep that in mind!

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Saturday evening session will allow you to enjoy the slopes (not included with your ticket) at Revelstoke Mountain Resort before being transported from the base of the mountain to Revelation Lodge for an evening of beer tasting and snacks. Your ticket includes entry to the festival and a commemorative sample mug, but not the day of skiing.

The will be shuttles from town out to the festival, but an even better option would be to take advantage of the great rates Revelstoke Mountain Resort is offering to stay up on the hill. Revelstoke Mountain Resort

So, join Alberta Beer Festivals at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort as they celebrate the end of winter in style with spring skiing, and a beer festival on the mountain, all in one of the world’s most beautiful resort towns.  Imagine hitting some of the best slopes in North America, then jumping on the gondola up to the Revelation Lodge for an epic festival experience where you will have the opportunity to sample an incredible selection of craft beers and spirits, but you’ll also enjoy incredible mountain views and an unbelievable mountain vibe that you will soon not forget.

by Ryan Myson