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All our readers should know Denise Alison by now from her monthly column in Spotlight on Business Magazine called, “Grow your business with Social Media.”  But just in case, Denise Alison is the CEO & Founder of Stratigro which is based in Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Alison is an expert on helping businesses grow with SOCIAL MEDIA and LIVE VIDEO!  She works with small businesses to create and implement an action plan that increases their visibility, grows their audience, and attracts more customers!


We thought that it would be fun to sit down with Denise and learn a little more about her and how her business focus has changed over the past two years.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Stratigro?

DA: My goal is to help entrepreneurs connect with their future customers on social media. We’ve all made social media out to be this complex, confusing thing with algorithms, analytics, and apocalypses, but all social media is, is a place where people can hang out without having to leave their homes.

I help entrepreneurs establish their authority and expertise, and share their own unique selves and stories, so that they can connect with the pockets of people who really care about them and what they have to offer.

Most of my time is spent helping entrepreneurs and businesses create content that serve that purpose. For some reason, when anyone plans on creating content for business, it comes out really dry, boring, and scripted.

I live in Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada. The important thing you need to know about Clare, is it’s very RURAL. I’ve used social media and live video to overcome the barrier of isolation and plug myself into a larger world. And it’s important to me that others understand that potential.

Social media isn’t about advertising, selling, or being scammy, it’s about projecting your business, your brand, and the experience out into the digital world to give more people the chance to interact with me.

How has your business focus changed since you founded Stratigro?

DA: My business has gone through various iterations. I suppose the focus has changed because now there is a focus, and when I was just getting started, there wasn’t one. Now I focus exclusively on social media and related online marketing activities.

Are your services confined to your corner of Nova Scotia or does your range extend beyond the province?

DA: I’ve had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and businesses across north America. The nature of what I do allows me to work with clients virtually. So as long as you have an internet connection, we can work together!

If there was something that your clients have in common, what would it be?

DA: The thing that my clients all tend to have in common, is the need to create great content. Most people have the skills they need to post on social media but have no sweet clue what to say. Often, they believe that it needs to be a rehearsed or very crafted message, which takes the personality out! So, what they all need is to let that unique personality shine through all of their content.

Tell us about your weekly show, The Art of Online Marketing

DA: For about 2 years now I’ve been going live weekly to share social media strategies, tips, and advice to help entrepreneurs overcome their challenges. I go live at 10am on Tuesdays.

Tell us about your recent Video Marketing Summit for Entrepreneurs?  How did that go and will you be offering other similar summits in the future?

DA: Yes. A virtual summit is essentially an online conference. I was joined by 13 other video marketing experts from across the world and we all shared our top video marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs create better videos, have a greater impact, and grow their businesses.

It’s still early but I hope to do something similar next year.

How can entrepreneurs and business owners best leverage the power of social media or live video?

DA: Create content that is valuable to your audience, positions your expertise, and is a projection of what it is like to do business with you. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Worry about how to attract and engage your own customers.  

If you’d like to learn more about Stratigro and how Denise can help your business, simply visit or you can reach out to her directly at

By Lee Ann Atwater