The Dynamic Soul of Selling – Experiential Marketing Produces Sales

Most of us know that a marketing team and a sales team have two very different functions. One, the marketing team, is a broad message output that generates awareness for your brand; while the sales team is more targeted and focused in approach. So, can these two things be working together strategically to convert prospects into buyers? The answer is yes, they should be.

The integration of channels in your marketing strategy requires experimentation. Understanding what avenues work best for your product and tracking the results of lead generation is always helpful. Whether it is digital advertising, social media, email and/or content marketing, live events are one avenue that should always be a part of the mix. In fact, ‘65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales.’

Experiential marketing is very effective and is increasing in popularity. There is something so magical in the experience of the live events. It gives brands the opportunity to connect with and engage consumers face to face while creating a lasting memory with them, while ‘98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation.’ And it’s how you engage with your audience that will ultimately determine the impact. Just like anything, you get out what you put in. Whether it’s your own event, or your brand is sponsoring one, the creativity in the activation is what’s important. 

In the spring, Mesh Media Network’s team executes the Atlantic GOLFExpo, in partnership with the National Golf Course Owner’s Association of Canada. One of our major sponsors, a local retailer, brings with them some of the biggest brands in the golf industry, including Taylormade, Calloway, Cleveland/Srixon, and Puma to name a few. Instead of having the new models of clubs just on display for people to look at, we set up a complete driving range for the attendees to experience the product. They can come to the show, work on their swing, hit the balls and interact with the latest and greatest products. They have a chance to speak with the brand reps who can answer any questions consumers may have. Setting up this activation, directly translates into sales for our retailer, driving consumers to the store where they can get fitted for and purchase the product they just tried out at the show.

Sampling products to a live audience is another great way to directly increase sales. Often a print advertisement or social media campaign will put the product in brains of the consumers, but it’s not until they get to taste it or try it first hand, that they will be more likely to buy. So, if you’re not executing your own event, try seeking out exposure opportunities that will help your brand stay relevant and top of mind.

Generating this emotional connection with your clients is so valuable. The more creative you can be with your activation at live events, the greater the impact your brand will have. There’s no question: experiential marketing produces memories, positive memories strengthen trust, and trust develops consumer loyalty. All the above, produces sales.

By Jody Euloth

Jody Euloth is the CEO of The Mesh Media Network and Founder of The Dynamic Soul of Selling. She helps entrepreneurs, business and sales professionals and creative visionaries get over their fear of selling so they can generate more revenue and make a bigger impact in business.

Social handles @jodyeuloth