Thinking about taking your brand to the masses with Live Video

In todays new business normal more and more brands are looking to connect with customers as foot traffic and face to face connections have been limited during the pandemic over the past six months and it looks like it will be many more before we get back to anything like the old normal of doing business face to face.

In saying that there are many ways to connect and stay connected with new and current customers with social media.  Whether is it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even Tik Tok, if Trump does not shut it down, you can stay connected and grow your business during these unprecedented times.

Many of the businesses that we feature in Spotlight on Business have moved to doing live video to connect with their customers and they have given us feedback that it has been a true game changer in the current times.  Most have said that it has been an important marketing strategy to growing their business over the past six months and they will continue to use it long after COVID has passed.

However, we also have many businesses that have questioned the move to live video and fear that they are not ready to make the jump just yet.

Just like start your own businesses you need to take the leap, you will not have all the answers at the start, but who does and it will only get more comfortable with time and practice.

One of the biggest questions we hear from entrepreneurs is what if my current and potential customers do not engage with me on Live Video session or even worst no one is watching it live at all.

Well there are a few things we want you to keep in mind.

First, you need to promote with your customers that you are going to be going live, if they do not know you are going to be going live, then less likely they are to be there for your session.

Secondly, once they are there, ask questions to get engagement with viewers.  You can even ask questions in advance to get the process rolling.  Start with something simple, topics and questions.  Once you have the following then you can take your online live video to the next level.

I would not worry too much about the engagement, but it’s not always easy to get. Try your best and if no one is engaging live, keep moving forward.  Sometimes it just takes awhile for you to find your comfort zone and for your people to find you!

by Calli Gregg