Ticketpro Inc – Creating a Smooth Transition from Sale to Seat

If you are a promoter of any ticketed event, then you need to read this article and learn more about Ticketpro Inc and how their experienced team can take your customer’s ticketing experience to the next level. We spoke with Ticketpro Inc President, Guislaine Bulman, from her office in Montreal about how the company is focused on making your event and your customer’s ticketing experience truly exceptional. Bulman tells Spotlight on Business Magazine about Ticketpro’s event experience along with their exceptional bilingual customer service team that is focused on the success of your event and your customer having a memorable experience for all the right reasons and that experience starts, when they go to purchase their tickets.

We at Spotlight on Business Magazine spend a lot of time researching our stories, our professional Googlers check social media and search reviews to learn as much as possible about the companies and brands that we feature each month in the Magazine. However, it is not too often that we get to use the products or services of the companies we feature before they appear in the publication, unless it is a craft brewery, we always have to sample those products first before any story or project!

All jokes aside, we had the pleasure of working with Ticketpro as part of the 24th Annual Riverfront Jubilee this past August. As a presenting sponsor of the event Spotlight on Business Magazine offered tickets to our readers and advertisers through contests to help promote this amazing event. I will be honest; I had heard of Ticketpro before, but had never had the opportunity to work with them or use their services personally or professionally, so I guess I need to start getting out more. When we use any ticketing service that involves readers and clients we want to make sure that the process goes smoothly as we are not with the contest winners during the ticketing process or when they are presenting their tickets at the gate, so we want to make sure everything goes according to plan and that they enjoy themselves, because after all that is why people go to events and they are our guest so we want them to have a good time.

The feedback from those that attended the Riverfront Jubilee this year in regard to their ticketing experience was overwhelmingly positive. And we would agree given our own experience, as the user account set up was easy, ticket processing was simple and error free and they even sent an email reminder of your upcoming events. This for me, is especially important as I tend to purchase tickets to events weeks or even months in advance and with our busy schedules, we can quickly forget about the events that we so want to attend.

Bulman explained, “We were one of the first ticketing systems to offer email reminders, and we started offering the service because the people that use the service both buyers and sellers asked for it.”

Offering email reminders is a benefit to both the ticket buyer and the event itself. The buyer gets a friendly reminder about the event along with any information that they need to know about the event and for using their ticket went entering the event, such as what identification they will need or any changes that might have happened with the event or venue since the ticket was purchased. For the event itself they have seen a reduction in the numbers of “no shows” by as much as 80 percent, greatly reducing the financial impacts that no shows can have on an event and the teams that promote and produce these events.

Ticketpro offers ticketing services for all types of events and with many different types of clients such as: large stadiums, sports teams, performing arts venues, convention centres, festivals, arts networks, etc. and the company has a solid reputation with a proven track record of being part of successful events since the company established in Montreal back in 2003.

However, Bulman explained that the Ticketpro story actually started about two years earlier when “A French-Canadian producer left Montreal and headed to Prague, he wanted to produce some events there, but quickly came to the realization that there were not any ticketing companies in Prague, like there was available at the time in North America, so he stared his own company. The company did very well in Prague, so he then decided to open an office in Montreal in 2003 and Ticketpro was established,” Bulman told Spotlight on Business.

In 2008 the majority rights were purchased by Compagnie France Film who have been involved in the ticket service industry since 1994, they started by selling tickets for their own theater and they developed the software that Ticketpro still uses today which is managed by their own in-house fully bi-lingual team.

Ticketpro may have started in Quebec with the goal of becoming the biggest independent ticketing company in the province, but soon after its inception the company’s network of events began to grow steadily and continue to do so all across Canada to this day. The company now has offices in Nova Scotia and Ontario in addition to those in Quebec offering fully bi-lingual services in both of Canada’s official languages 7 days a week.

Ticketpro has a reputation as a leader and expert in the ticketing services industry, but as our readers know, you do not become a leader in any industry without experience and that is what Ticketpro brings to every event in it network.

“All our staff at our head office in Quebec and our regional offices in Ontario and Nova Scotia have significant industry experience with many working in operations for major events and organizations all across Canada prior to coming to Ticketpro and we are very fortunate to have them on our team,” says Bulman.

Speaking of experience, Bulman herself has over 25 years of experience in the ticketing industry and as the new President of the company she is one of a few women at the head of a company in their industry or even the IT industry in general for that matter. This spotlights her amazing leadership and business development skills and her ability to break down barriers for women in business while keeping her focus on growing their business along with that of Ticketpro’s clients.

Experience and know is what their industry is all about, the fact that Ticketpro works with all types of ticketed events, from theatres and festivals to large scale stadium events means that they will have a ticketing solution that can work for your event or organizations needs. Plus, you will have the piece of mind, knowing that Ticketpro dedicated bilingual customer service team is available to help event goers seven days a week from 10 a.m to 11 p.m Eastern time.

“Whether you are looking for an out of the box icloud solution like our Network ticketing system (ticketpro.ca) or a White Label solution, that is more customized to your event and organization we have the ability and know how to meet all of your needs,” says Bulman. Making Ticketpro truly a one-stop shop for ticket sales, access and control for your organization or event.

Ticketpro continues to push the envelope with ticketing solution innovation, like offer a virtual waiting room when purchasing tickets online, to help make the customer experience and purchasing flow better for the those buying tickets and for the events using their solutions to give event goers a smooth transition from the sale of their ticket until they are sitting in their seat.

by Jamie Barrie