TMI – Avoiding Solution Overloading Your Customer

These days, we have so many options to choose from and too many decisions to make. Don’t you sometimes wish decisions were made for you? There’s nothing better than when decisions are made easy and less confusing. It is satisfying and refreshing when there is no doubt or hesitation because you just know the solution is it’s right for you.

I have a close friend who is great at planning things. Though she has a successful career in insurance, I swear she was an event planner in another life. When it’s time for a girls’ weekend away, we collectively brainstorm all the destinations of interest. Once we’ve narrowed it down to our top five, then we leave it up to our friend to work her magic, and by magic, I mean, do all the research and come back with the best options.

She typically gives us one, maybe two options. She knows us well enough that if we have a choice between Paris, New York, Toronto, Atlanta or Las Vegas, we will never decide. Or it will, most definitely, take a lot longer to agree. To avoid delay and confusion, she presents the best possible option and makes a great case for it. She presents why it’s a great opportunity to go, the dates that offer the best pricing on flights and accommodations, events that are happening in the city during that time, and a restaurant with a vibe she knows we will enjoy.

She always presents a strong case and then, kindly offers to book the trip for us. And all we have to do is show up at the airport if she doesn’t already have transportation arranged. How easy is that? It’s a done deal, everyone is in and the trip always exceeds our expectations.

The same strategy goes when presenting solutions to your prospect. After completing the proper discovery sessions with your client, you should know the best solution and offer it. As the expert, you must confidently and convincingly present the benefits and differentiators of choosing this option. Failure to clearly communicate and demonstrate this can lead to consumer confusion, which will have a negative impact on the sales cycle.

Consumer confusion stems from information overload and leaves room for your prospects to make imperfect purchasing decisions. It leads to reduced sales, reduced satisfaction with purchases, and insecure decision-making. With too many options, it can be very overwhelming making it difficult for your client to comfortably say yes. This confusion steers them in the wrong direction and makes it easy for them to delay their decision or opt out of deciding altogether, which will either stall the sales cycle or potentially lose the sale completely.

When it comes time to present your proposal, deliver one strong option with confidence and make sure it’s the best option for your client. You can offer a few options, especially regarding price points, but make sure you vocalize the option you think is best and why.

Information overload triggers insecure decision-making, which can lead to buyer’s remorse. If anything happens after the purchase that does not meet or exceed your client’s expectations, it will have them thinking they made the wrong decision and should have chosen one of those other options.

Let’s make it easy for one another, shall we? It’s our duty to help one another by offering solutions to problems and persuasively articulating these solutions. I know I appreciate it when someone makes my decisions easy, and your clients will too, which means more satisfied clients and increased sales.

Now, time for me to get after the girls for another trip to explore a new destination. 

by Jody Euloth