Upcoming Trade Shows, Conferences and Events – April 2023

March 30th – April 2nd, 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre East | Vancouver, BC Canada

CHFAnow is Canada’s best trade show dedicated to natural, organic, and wellness. It continues to be the number one source for new products and education for retailers who are doing business in Western Canada. If your store sells natural health products, organics, specialty foods, health & beauty, sports nutrition and/or nutraceuticals, this is your one-stop shopping experience.

For more information on this event go to https://chfanow.ca/vancouver/ 


The Travel and Vacation Show
April 1st – 3rd, 2023
Shaw Centre | Ottawa, ON Canada

The Travel and Vacation Show is a platform for travel agencies and industries to interact and network. The event is considered one amongst the largest travel and leisure events. Visit the exhibition and discover the most interesting and exciting destinations and play some numerous quiz games with amazing wins. This event shows products like Travel packages, hotel deals, car rentals, adventure tourism deals, caravans, segway rides, nature trails, medical tourism and all that one may want to check out during a vacation is right there at this event etc. in the travel & tourism industry.

For more information on this event go to https://www.travelandvacationshow.ca/ 


Canadian Dairy Showcase
April 5th – 6th, 2023
Stratford Rotary Complex | Stratford, ON Canada

The Canadian Dairy Showcase is the Canadian dairy-only trade show. The Canadian Dairy Showcase features an exhibit of dairy products, dairy products accessories, dairy producing services, milk and milk substitutes, cheese and other dairy products and services.

For more information on this event go to https://dairyxpo.ca/ 


Restaurants Canada Show
April 10th – 12th, 2023
Enercare Centre | Toronto, ON Canada

Hospitality comes from the heart—from the tables of celebrated chefs to the Colonel’s buckets to the mom-and-pop roti shop on the corner. It’s about sharing a family recipe, your skill and food culture to feed communities.

Hustle is the sound and soul of the industry we love, and what drives us to shape its evolution. We are willing to work smart, but not harder. Been there, done that. We are invigorated and inspired by the true spirit of hospitality and devoted to keeping our doors open for family, friends and food. Forever.

For more information on this event go to https://www.rcshow.com/ 

Ontario Transportation Expo
April 16th – 19th, 2023
The Toronto Congress Centre | Toronto, ON Canada

Ontario Transportation Expo is a combination of buyers and sellers from the entire bus transportation industry, not found anywhere else in Canada. Participants come mostly from the province of Ontario, but many are also from neighboring provinces, northern USA, and from various locations across North America. Stay in the know at the OTE conference business sessions, touching on the most relevant and pressing topics that face the busing industry.

For more information on this event go to https://ote.ca/ 


April 19th – 20th, 2023
Montreal Convention Centre | Montreal, QC Canada

MCEE is a trade fair for the building mechanics, electricity and lighting industries. The products on display are from all the specialties of the field, including: plumbing, heating, hydronic systems, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, fire protection, pipes, valves and fittings, kitchen and bathroom, electricity, lighting, alarms, systems, tools and equipment and software. The more than 400 exhibitors come from Canada and the United States and are manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of building mechanics, electricity and lighting products. Visitors are from the sales, design, consulting and installation sectors. They include contractors, clients, engineers, architects, and designers giving you direct contact with over 6,000 buyers and industry decision-makers.

For more information on this event go to https://mcee.ca/