Water Anyone?

By Janice Buckler, BSc, RHN

BSc Agricultural Chemistry
RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

Did you know that, ideally, one should consume from two to three litres of purified water daily?

I am willing to bet that most are going to say, “NO” to that question. This is why many people are dehydrated and don’t even know it, either because they don’t drink enough water, take diuretics, or consume excess amounts of caffeine at work and/or alcohol after work.

It is important to know that water, H20, is the medium in which all biochemical reactions take place in the body. It is the means by which the body flushes itself of excess toxins and is required in abundance for the health of the kidneys.

Some of this could be in the form of herbal or caffeine-free teas, or diluted, unsweetened juices. If, however, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are consumed, then the amount of purified water that needs to be consumed should be increased accordingly.

Drinking the appropriate amount of liquid may bring on the urge to urinate every two hours or so during the day, which will also get you up and away from your desk as movement is also very important. This may not be a convenient frequency for your busy schedule, but it is certainly a healthy one! So drink up and stay healthy!

About the Author

 width=My name is Janice Buckler, I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Chemistry from Dalhousie University (formerly called Nova Scotia Agricultural College). Food chemistry, and specifically the study of vitamins and minerals in food, is what compelled me into the chemistry program there. I later enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). It was there I found my true passion…..”holistic nutrition”. The program at CSNN complemented my chemistry degree perfectly, and I graduated with high honors and the Director’s Award. ?

?I have seen many people benefit from taking the holistic approach, including myself. There was a period of time back in high school when I suffered from terrible headaches. Everyday I was in pain. I took Tylenol until it became ineffective. I had every test done under the sun, including bloodwork, cat scans, vision tests, etc. They all came back “normal”, but the headaches remained. Finally, I went to see a naturopathic practitioner who discovered I had a sensitivity to dairy. It was not the lactose (sugar) in the milk that was bothering me, but rather the proteins. It was such a simple fix after suffering for 12 years and consuming Tylenol everyday. All I had to do was remove dairy from my diet and I was pain free. This is a minor experience compared to some people, but it changed my life and what I believe in, and I am very passionate and driven to help people learn about and implement the healing power of holistic nutritional therapy.

I am very happy to be part of the Spotlight on Business Team and look forward to sharing with you my passion and tips for holistic nutrition and therapy to keep you healthy and focused on your business.