What’s new with FanSaves – Gift Certificate Program Expands

What’s new with FanSaves – Gift Certificate Program Expands 

by Calli Gregg 

As we all know these are unprecedented times and many small business owners are struggling to survive during this time of social distancing so, Spotlight on Business Magazine and our friends at FanSaves want to help by offering a new platform to help businesses during these difficult times.

As you know Spotlight on Business Magazine is dedicated to helping promote and grow local small businesses across North America however, we have changed our focus and efforts to helping them survive during this pandemic.  That is why we invite all advertisers and featured companies (past and present), along with your business partners, key vendors and suppliers or any business for that matter, to take advantage of the FanSaves Helps Gift Certificate Program.  

This program is completely free for businesses to take part in, with plans to help as many local businesses as possible while encouraging social distancing and allowing businesses to stay afloat and generate revenue while the world tackles the current crisis.

In the two weeks since FanSaves launched their gift certificate program they have sold close to $10,000 in gift certificates! Great job to everyone for helping to spread the word and for supporting local small businesses at this time.

To sign up your small businesses for this program simply use this link fill out the form and submit, FanSaves will do the rest, it is that easy.

The program has now been expanded to help more people as FanSaves has partnered with HourThanks to now offer the option for people to not only buy a gift certificate for themselves but also to show their support for all the workers fighting this pandemic on the frontlines by having the capability to choose to donate their gift certificate to a frontline hospital worker in your area. 

This is a win-win which allows people to not only support small businesses but now, also, hospital workers who are working so hard during this time. 

The buying process is simple as visitors to the website are able to select the business they want to support in their region (or the region of a friend or family member), click on the preferred denomination and checkout.  You will then receive a digital gift certificate, or one will be sent to a frontline hospital worker in your area which they can print out and use once things get back to normal.

It has never been more important to show your support for local businesses than now and remember these are the same companies that we ask to support our local communities for events and our children’s sporting teams so now lets show them that we appreciate all they have done and get your gift certificate today.

We are so happy to be working with you and to be helping your local businesses (and now your frontline workers as well). Keep spreading the word, getting more businesses involved and we will be here to support you.

We’re all in this together!