Wild Lupin Media – Media Production Studio for Nova Scotia and beyond

Spotlight on Business is pleased to announce that we have a new corporate partner, Wild Lupin Media who are experts on how to help grow your business, brand, association or event with a wide range of professional media products for broadcast, web and social media to help you connect with your target audience and keep them engaged.

We know Brian Cottam very well but wanted to help our readers have a better understanding about Wild Lupin Media and NSLive.TV and the many products and services they can offer to increase the exposure for the businesses, associations or brands.


Nova Scotia born and raised, Brian has developed a deep love for using digital cameras and working with the beautiful images they can capture when utilized to their fullest. Brian also loves the creative side of computer design which allows him to work with his images and footage turning them into unique productions and designs for his clients.

Brian started Wild Lupin Media as a passionate hobby business in 1996 and now after 22 years of success Brian is still offering his considerable talents and experience to his clients.

Brian has always strived to make Wild Lupin Media an industry leader keeping up to and even in some cases ahead of the industry trends as they evolve. From being the first wedding videographer in Nova Scotia to offer an HD service, to stabilized gimbal filming and even 4K.

Brian is skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of video production and is always ready for the next challenge to present itself. A local web series, a documentary, TV commercials, live concerts, promotional media, script development, etc.  Brian considers himself to be an industry professional, not just a videographer and because of this he feels obligated to provide a high-quality service to his clients. Poorly made videos reflect badly on anyone trying to promote themselves or their products. With an extensive inventory of cameras, lighting and audio devices WLM can offer many professional services to suit the needs of their clients. 

Brian also believes that community TV should be free and accessible, which is currently not the case in Nova Scotia. With the future in mind and the ability to produce, episodic shows and live-streamed TV content, Brian has had the foresight to develop NSLive.tv an online community TV channel for Nova Scotia.

Having already produced a number of live and recorded productions which include the recent Hants County Christmas Angels Webathon fundraiser, Brian is hopeful that his fellow Nova Scotian’s will see the benefits of having local TV content online and decide to watch, support and help Nova Scotia have a new, exciting online presence. 

All NSLive.tv productions are made readily available to watch for free, online and on demand. Sharing NSLive.tv productions on social media and websites is not only easy, it is encouraged and every time someone does this our productions reach more people. This online accessibility also brings excellent, cost effective advertising options for any production sponsors. 

NSLive.tv content is designed to promote interesting people, places and events in the province to a worldwide audience helping boost tourism and the businesses that benefit from it.

If you are an expert in your field, a dedicated hobbyist, or you do something that’s unique and interesting, we have a way to turn what you do into a web-show and possibly even a web-series.

We might have to rule out digging for treasure on Oak Island, that is already being done and here’s a spoiler alert they have not solved the mystery of Oak Island yet.

If you’d like to learn more about Wild Lupin Media and NSLive.TV and how Brian can take your business or event to the next level, simply visit wildlupin.ca and he will be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss your options.

By Jamie Barrie