Words of Wisdom – Asking for Help and Focusing on Yourself is not a Bad Thing.

You do not have to be Warren Edward Buffett, over 60 and be worth billions to give good advice to live by it just helps on who might listen to you.

At 27 with less than a billion in the bank, this is my advice to you from lessons I have learned early in my life.

Mistakes are necessary in order to grow and be successful personally and professionally.

You should never know everything, there is always more to learn. If you think you know everything, you doubt and you are failing. 

It’s not embarrassing or a sign of weakness to admit you need help. It is a sign of confidence and strength.

Keep your enemies closer than your friends. 

Making a mistake during a presentation or project makes you human and actually makes others more comfortable around you. Nobody is judging you. 

Take time to travel. You are only young once. Before you know it your calendar will be filled with responsibilities so utilize the time that you do not have these responsibilities to explore the world around you. 

If the work environment is toxic and not fulfilling, leave and leave NOW! 

Everyone should work in retail or the service industry once in their life. The experience you get from this is not taught in college or university and can be utilized in every job field you could ever imagine.

Network. Life is sometimes, unfortunately, all about whom you know. Take the time to build and strengthen connections with successful people you can learn things from and have them mentor you. 

Your point of focus should not be a relationship, especially if it only causes you stress. 

Keep your circle small and full of people with good intentions who will be your cheerleader for the good and the bad in front of you and especially behind your back. 

Do not get your first credit card until you fully understand credit and never accumulate a balance on your statement that is more than half of what you make in a month. 

Allow yourself to take breaks. It is okay to spend a day on the couch. Once you experience burnout, it takes up to two years for your mind and body to fully recover. 

For anybody who needed this, you are welcome and please have a great day my friends.

by Kelsea Hammons