Workspace Chaos – De-Clutter Your Workspace to Help Grow Your Business

It’s not a new theory that if you keep a tidy space around you, you will not only feel better, but your life and business will become stronger and more streamlined. Therefore, a neat office should mean a great business. I wanted to put this to the test.

You see, I am a self-confessed clutter queen. Not a hoarder by any means but someone who just likes to display lots of things. While also extremely organized (everything has its place), I also thrive in chaos and my office desk is often filled with notebooks, highlighters, letters, pictures and more. Further, I love colour and have never been much of a minimalist so ever since I was younger, the spaces I frequent are often colourful and filled with mementos and things that define my personality.

But recently, after a busy summer I recognized my home office (where I work from everyday) was just too much. Things were piling up and it was beginning to stress me out because this room was no longer speaking to me and quite frankly, it was distracting me from my work during the day. I was feeling the overwhelm and decided I needed to change it up.

So, I decided to de-clutter, getting rid of things that no longer served me and creating more organizational strategies to keep things out of sight and therefore out of mind. It took me about a week and by the end of it, I created a whole new organizational system in my office closet, got rid of all the piles of stuff and could finally see the top of my desk and other surfaces. Phew!

Ever since my clean office reveal, I can confirm that business has indeed improved! Somehow, I have been attracting new clients and more money into the company and the energy in my office just feels brighter, better and cleaner and I can literally feel it attracting good things. I’ve always worked hard but now my attitude is much better and I have a “nothing can stop me” attitude.

I’ve always been a believer in energy and that the things we surround ourselves with most affect our daily attitudes and the things we attract into our lives. In the case of our business, my office cleanup has created a space I love again. I find myself spending even more time in here, working energetically and staying at my desk later, simply because I love my surroundings.

With more people than ever working remotely these days, you’re definitely not the only one with extra clutter around. Fortunately, I can attest that if you’re feeling bogged down and extra stressed lately, a purge and makeover of the room you spend the most time in might just be the answer. It’s important to remember that we all have the power to improve our mood and increase the flow of things in our stratosphere so if you’re looking for a quick way to attract better things into your life and your business, I definitely suggest de-cluttering your space to help grow your business.


by Shannon Ferguson