Your Brand. Your Glass- Jym Line Glassware Ltd.

In every manner of speaking, it’s thirsty work. Since 1969, they’ve been custom-decorating glassware and ceramics like beer and coffee mugs using screen printers before baking-in the brand or the occasion in a tunnel kiln at temperatures approaching 1120 degrees Fahrenheit. “Our bottles and growlers are always popular, as well as our stemmed beer line,” explained Tom Adams, the President of Jym Line Glassware in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. “Lately, we are seeing a lot of interest in our higher-end offerings, such as our Rasta line and our Spiegelau line of glassware. Whatever it is we’re creating for our customers, we strive to be the ‘Can-do’ company – and we often exceed industry standards. It still amazes me when we see a product being poured into our vessels that it all started here in our facility in Nova Scotia.”

By David MacDonald

Maybe you’ve raised a Mini Frankfurt Beer Taster at an Oktoberfest celebration in New Brunswick.

Maybe you’ve held a Vina Champagne Flute Glass in the air during a wedding toast in Nova Scotia.

Maybe you’ve never been more proud than seeing your PEI craft brewery’s slogan on a Grunter Growler or your Newfoundland diner’s logo on a Comfort Mug. Whatever your Jym Line Glassware moment has been Tom has shared, in some measure, in your joy.

As Atlantic Canada’s premier custom decorator of glassware, ceramics, growlers and bottles, Jym Line Glassware has meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people. “We’ll do custom decoration on an order size of just 72 units, or we’ll create whole lines of merchandise in the hundreds or thousands range,” Tom said without bias. “I am truly grateful, thankful to all of our clients over the years.”

Atlantic Canada is only behind Quebec in its commitment to buy-local and support-local movements.

“As an Atlantic Canadian company, just being part of the buy and support-local movements is satisfying.

We are glad to support local companies and truly appreciate all the local support given to Jym Line. The rising tide will float all boats and create a long-lasting economy,” Tom said.

“Over the years, Jym Line Glassware was able to grow the way that it has because of the support of local Atlantic Canadian business,” he continued. “It’s because of this unwavering local support that we’ve survived a few mini-recessions and one major recession in 2009. But in the last three-to- four years alone, we’ve seen positive growth in every sector of our company because of the proliferation of wineries, distilleries, breweries, tourism, and other business-to- business relationships in Atlantic Canada – it’s been great.”

Jym Line Glassware’s line of beer glasses and steins for breweries, pubs and restaurants includes options that feature in-house nucleation etching technology. The promise of head retention, enhanced aroma, better taste, and a better experience is kept by a completely customisable laser-etched nucleation site at the bottom of the glass which maintains a continuous release of CO2-encouraging bubbles, according to “We can also laser engrave logos in various wood products like coasters and tap handles,” Tom said.

For Tom, offering a diversified product line is a matter of integrity.

“Whatever it is we’re creating for our customers, we strive to be the ‘Can-do’ company – and we often exceed industry standards.”

“The company was built on quality and service above all – and our reputation continues to be beyond reproach. Part of that is letting our customers know the scope of what is available in the industry and I think our website does a nice job of doing that,” he said.

The retail-priced website has been online since the dawn of the internet in the early 1990s and includes updated flyers and specials. It also features easy-to- read bulk-ordering information and, unlike many websites in the industry, up-to- date price lists.

“We still try to keep our process a simple and easy experience for our clientele after all these years,” Tom explained. “Oftentimes inquiries are now made via email or social media. We reply via email and follow-up is done with a direct call. We don’t glance-over anything. Order processing involves a confirmation being sent and an art approval to sign-off on, even for repeat orders to allow for any changes to be made.” features in-production photos and videos of glassware and tap handles for some of Atlantic Canada’s better-known craft breweries and distilleries. Tom said that clients love the videos his team posts. “People especially love checking out the laser engraving videos – they’re pretty popular.

Sharing the video is also a great way for them to advertise on their own social media networks. It’s win- win.”

The biggest star, quite literally, of Jym Line Glassware’s Facebook page is the 12 000 square-foot facility located just off Highway 102, the busiest highway in Atlantic Canada. “There is really no comparison between our operating spaces in the beginning to now. We started off in my parents’ living room 48 years ago and now we operate in an industrial-sized facility only 14-minutes from an international airport in a major business corridor,” Tom said. “My parents, Jim and Lynda Adams, spent time researching in the library about glassware and ceramics and how to decorate them for a home business and now here we are with multiple screen printing machines and a glass decorating lehr.”

Tom explained that the lehr, a temperature-controlled kiln, can be fine-tuned to decorate anything from simple glassware and ceramics to fine bottles and growlers.

“Part of that is letting our customers know the scope of what is available in the industry and I think our website does a nice job of doing that.”

“In certain cases, we even provide printing services on supplied bottles but for each job we use a special frit-base ink made-up of small particles of glass for the design. After we screen print, we run the product through the lehr and bring the product up to 1120 degrees Fahrenheit where the little pieces of glass in the ink get soft, as well as the item. As they cool, they fuse together to become permanent.”

The result, as Jym Line Glassware’s slogan so succinctly captures it, is “Your brand. Your glass.”

It’s not at all difficult to imagine that much of Tom’s clientele have become friends. “I think that’s the nature of dealing primarily with Atlantic Canadian companies. Oftentimes I will answer the cell phone late in the evening for rush items and I’ve got to say that it’s still fun to deliver in a challenging time,” he said.

“The staff at Jym Line is like a family,” Tom continued. “We have an extremely hard-working and dedicated crew. I am so proud of what they can accomplish and it constantly amazes me, the effort and willingness they put forward day-after- day, to really go above and beyond. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our staff and our supportive clientele.”